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Well, Kathys career isn't over, she is on a comedy tour right now, so at least enough of you don't care to buy tickets to that.. Samantha Bee calls Ivana a feckless cunt and she still has her show. There are a hundred examples of actual terrible behavior from the left.

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11.10.2017 19:21:53 Shaktilrajas:

According to Paul, yes. That doesn't mean we take everything in there as literal. Rather we should be taking it as the authors intended it to be taken.


21.10.2017 9:17:18 Yozil:

Like how Christians had done and would do for centuries?


29.10.2017 16:39:00 Goltizil:

"When God speaks of ?A new covenant,? He makes the first one obsolete".


07.11.2017 23:52:35 Tojalar:

DO go gentle into that good night. What you face is what you are minus all memories of anything. It's very scary to some and to others it's like jumping into bliss.


17.11.2017 2:23:16 Balmaran:

I did that with the first season, but I don't have patience and can't wait with this new season. You won't be disappointed!


24.11.2017 21:20:39 Kajijar:

My wife loves them.


27.11.2017 20:06:46 Dijora:

I'm 28 and I get it... But my mom did force me to watch all her favorite old movies as I grew.


01.12.2017 23:28:55 Shajinn:

Before I sink into the weeds on this....


06.12.2017 16:13:17 Mezikree:

When wages drop & they will Trump can take more vacations with his war monger USA profit pals, because they'll want to praise Putin's puppet for


09.12.2017 3:49:13 Zulkilkis:

There's no reason to think settlers to Mars would be genetically tested for recessive disorders, and withheld if there was such a genetic combination present.


10.12.2017 6:42:38 Tojazshura:

Who reported him as an atheist?


19.12.2017 19:06:42 Felmaran:

The scientific evidence of a limit to past time points to a beginning. A beginning points to a creation, a creation points to a Creator.


21.12.2017 11:00:49 Faejas:

I've no reason to believe your assessment makes the point you are trying to posit. You want me to make a case for myself not being convinced? That's actually a logical fallacy.


25.12.2017 10:17:08 Mezikasa:

You?re at two strikes now. Call someone that again and your ban will be a permanent one.


27.12.2017 18:44:41 Gojinn:

Look benefit of the doubt is given to those who have plausible cause or reasonable connection to a story. Mike Huckabee regardless of his political status is that he is Sarah Sanders father and that was his family being harassed as well. He would be hearing first hand accounts as to what was happening by those who were being harassed. Unless you can prove otherwise he has more inside knowledge of what happened than what has been told by anyone else. So no I do not believe he is lying.


07.01.2018 14:04:15 Gahn:

You say this stuff more to convince yourself then anyone else. Self-hypnosis.


16.01.2018 17:34:06 Mogami:

I am not religious. However, to the terrestrial mindset i am a nutter. One must have a Spiritual mindset, a Celestial mindset to understand what i say.


24.01.2018 1:46:20 Yozshurg:

Ok going to try to not get personal here but your position is ignorant.


31.01.2018 5:20:33 Mecage:

Too many unsupported fantastic claims:


03.02.2018 1:59:25 Kigadal:

How long before the first claim that Sweden is the rape capital of Europe?


03.02.2018 19:11:02 Moogukinos:

Your first paragraph equals the 'Fatherhood of God and the Siblinghood of all humanity'. :) The good news.


06.02.2018 1:01:03 Mazudal:

But what is cause and what is consequence? Are people more conservative because they are religious or are they more religious because they are conservative or is this just a coincidence or is there a factor behind both?


10.02.2018 14:49:49 Brajinn:

A large portion of the indoctrinated aren't of voting age yet. A lot of the Trumptards are prepubescent and they don't actually know anything, they're just on the "Trump Bad" bandwagon because the aforementioned indoctrination sources have told them that's where they're supposed to me.


16.02.2018 5:34:02 Vugul:

Yesss! Notes in class. Penpals!!


25.02.2018 6:16:43 Ferg:

No, you made a choice. You made the live child a priority -- a *higher, more valuable* priority than the 1,000 fertilized eggs.


27.02.2018 19:25:35 Kajilar:

Thanks for another thoughtful comment, greenpeace. I?ve enjoyed the dialogue. I generally stick to original sources, but Bergson is one whose original work I?ve never read (much of). I have a couple books of his sitting on my Kindle, but haven?t gotten around to them. This convo is getting him back onto my to-read list. I think you might like him quite a bit. He was a philosophy star for a minute in the early 20th century, but then quickly fell out of fashion as he rose to prominence about the same time as Einstein?s general relativity took center-stage. He famously debated Einstein about whether time or space is primary, with (of course) Einstein arguing for space. ?The world? agreed with Einstein and Bergson was basically forgotten. But he has made a comeback, and obviously with his emphasis on time, he fits nicely with process philosophy and theology. He also fits kind of perfectly with your earlier comments about ?wave mechanics? and the ?hologram model.? Some years ago, I read a book by a guy named Stephen Robbins called ?Time and Memory: A primer on the scientific mysticism of consciousness? in which he used Bergson?s conception of consciousness to posit a combination of those ideas. Basically, he asserts that Bergson thought of the brain as what we might now call a ?modulated reconstructive wave? passing through a holographic field, in terms of how we perceive and construct our experience of reality. You might find Bergson (and Robbins) very pertinent to your approach. Again, I haven?t read Bergson and obviously he wrote long before the hologram was a glint in anyone?s eye, so I don?t know how directly his language (or its translation into English) conforms to the framework in which Robbins presents his views.


02.03.2018 11:13:11 Shasar:

A woman has a right to change her mind, get out of the stone age, Tex.


11.03.2018 17:36:20 Samudal:

That?s right. This isn?t Saudi Arabia nor should we accommodate any of the horrible customs forced on their women.


14.03.2018 9:15:27 Malalabar:

We both can look at him as a creator god. In my way, that is all he is. I marvel that the beauty provided but my concept means he created it to be all self sustaining. To me he is only a creator god and is now probably only creating something new, somewhere else. No need to deify him or look at him as controlling or wishing to be prayed to.


20.03.2018 17:18:36 Kam:

" every few months."


27.03.2018 19:57:40 Maujas:

Trumpites appear more tolerant because they have vastly lower standards of conduct.


29.03.2018 11:09:02 Samudal:

Not so Kosher before ? ?? ?? ??


03.04.2018 13:14:36 Dara:

Ah so Samson could slay 1000 men with the jawbone of an ass.


05.04.2018 22:11:08 JoJogrel:

Border Security = Appeal to Racist Jerkwater Hillbillies


12.04.2018 15:31:15 Vulmaran:

More the victims of the society that created the culture they were born into. You or I born into the same circumstances would most likely ended up exactly the same as those you condemn.

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