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And self cancelling. If I can't imagine something entirely new (unique and unfathomable, presumably, since non-existent before my discovery / creation / introduction of him,) and I've imagined God, then God must not be new, but merely a version of things that already exist. We understand what a creator is and what reality is and imagine a creator outside of reality. (Creating and reality already exist.) I'm thinking of something I can't even imagine, therefore it exists. How real is that? The more real you need him to be, the more you need to rely on your imagination to make it all up.

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06.11.2017 11:24:14 Yolrajas:

I am. The luckiest.


08.11.2017 17:54:39 Dami:

Yes I know asking questions you have the inability to answer makes me a fool.


18.11.2017 3:52:08 Vilkree:

I love her!


21.11.2017 6:32:54 Mer:

4- why would killing Jesus make them heroes?


23.11.2017 12:03:18 Gukinos:

It's 100% hand on the bible, true. I mean you have to really want to be a parent. It's so difficult.


03.12.2017 6:15:49 Kagazilkree:

Law and Order, and Healthcare are two separate things.


04.12.2017 5:40:47 Julkis:



06.12.2017 12:58:17 Karn:

Truth is, words like "stupidity" downgrade the conversation.


09.12.2017 3:50:51 Zuluk:

She terrifies me but I find her intriguing.


11.12.2017 15:13:14 Nemuro:

All you have to do is post the names of the boards to which you supposedly made inquiries, and the "doctors" you supposedly inquired about, and we'll be able to see who they are, what they practice, and whether they even had licenses to begin with. Go ahead, we're waiting.


12.12.2017 16:47:18 Mezinos:

School Shooting today in Dixon, IL. The hometown of Ronald Reagan.


16.12.2017 0:11:23 Akizilkree:

Aaaaand... Las Vegas had fresh now on the mountain on May 15th.


21.12.2017 12:12:50 Mikalabar:

Oh no, my friend, man right from start is trying to be God. The Serpent


23.12.2017 2:46:35 Shara:

ELYAH Jude Alexander.


30.12.2017 3:26:09 Nalmaran:

Even if I were to accept your proposition, and I don't, it's still hardly what you'd expect from an all powerful deity.


03.01.2018 10:15:57 Shaktijin:

You are assuming that sjw is a man.


11.01.2018 8:33:56 Vugrel:

I certainly agree there is no such thing as free health care and the few people who clamor for it are irrelevant to the discussion. They should move to Canada if that is the health care they want.


13.01.2018 22:42:06 Shakajar:

Pointing out the flaws in FFRF's argument is not anti-atheist. It is anti-flawed-argument.


16.01.2018 22:01:52 Kern:

If there are physical senses that we are not aware of, or abilities beyond what we currently are aware of, that is certainly a form of "extra sensory perception". I am positing that nothing exists except physical stuff in this argument. Everything that exists, including our mind, or love, or intuition, anything, if it "exists" it must be physically based. Do you agree with that? Or do you claim that love, or intuition, or mind, stuff like that, do not exist?


26.01.2018 19:16:55 Gardarisar:

Compared to all other presidents who didn't start their administration during the great recession.


03.02.2018 21:19:50 Akill:

Asimov's tales, the I robot series of books, had some religion tied up into it. I may have to break those out and dust them off for a reread.


09.02.2018 21:59:33 Vujind:

No one is forcing you to wear a burka, enoch...


19.02.2018 17:46:23 Kigat:

Sorry. Corrected, Are you a Bible scholar or just go by what people tell you or read an atheist website?


26.02.2018 10:27:35 Zulkibei:

That is not an impression. That is the Truth. And the Truth is always above any "opinion". As God is the Truth.


28.02.2018 8:45:45 Meztilmaran:

Your butthurt is not proof of your claims. Again, you have nothing.


09.03.2018 15:29:32 Taular:

No. My argument is that if Jesus is not everything that Christianity says he was then there is no reason to be aware of him from a historic perspective than there is to be aware of the guy named Jesus who does my lawn.


16.03.2018 1:49:38 Gogal:

That's probably it. Same thing happens on insta and Facebook. Algorithm suggests people you should follow. I'm like idk that fool lol.


25.03.2018 13:04:14 Voshura:

Good day Rudiger.


04.04.2018 17:37:55 Kegar:

Whoosh! Right over your head. That's the problem. You guys want everyone ELSE to be nice and polite, while you get to do your deplorable thing. That's how it works, right? If I say something you don't like, I'm being uncivil while you chant LOCK HER UP, while your fake president offers to pay the legal bills of anyone who beats up a protester?


14.04.2018 22:03:06 Maular:

Many have and will pass away before God acts. When that time does come these types will feel His wrath first, they deserve it.


22.04.2018 16:38:18 Julkree:

No that's not true and you have no evidence that Adam was standing beside her. Also, God command was "don't eat" but not "don't let her eat" Everyone is responsible about himself, right?


25.04.2018 15:48:26 Goltira:

he is innocent until proven guilty. so until it is proven that it was not an accident it was. you people are the reason we have a constitution. if it was up to you he would have been fried already.


03.05.2018 23:46:30 Kajigami:

Read it. From an academic viewpoint, Field's hypothesis sounds less convincing than Dark's and others' professional works. But I'm open to what may come up, in both cases.


07.05.2018 6:24:44 Zujar:

" Every species from the past was a link between a previous species and the species that came after, up until present day species" There is NO EVIDENCE that connects any species to other species. You do understand the concept "evidence"? The reason that Stephen Gould was attacked by his fellow evolutionist is because he admitted what they all knew was true, there is no physical evidence that connects species together. Gould said the reason that links between species will never be found is because evolution happens through punctuated equilibrium. To a Christian this term sounds a lot like Genesis and to a open minded evolutionist, it makes perfect sense why there is no missing links found in the fossil record.


14.05.2018 21:33:29 Zulkikazahn:

wow, some of these Dr. Nerdlove about selective perception.

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