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Naked fish waltham mass

Naked fish waltham mass

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Or a Christian if you exclude people from God's sacrament.

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05.12.2017 11:31:41 Fegore:

No, there are the stars of which the sun wasn't created until the fourth day although light had been created on the second. Talked about a mixed-up creator.


08.12.2017 17:10:05 Faetilar:

This woman is so beautiful.


18.12.2017 21:49:34 Mezilkis:

yeah probably - it only worked once for my wife and she didn't like it - I was trying to cancel the internet service, cause it was really bad and I was moving houses. thing is we have same company for internet, phone and TV, we aren't TV people we just use the internet really, but they have no options without TV and they total price wasn't bad - that is if the internet would work, but it was really bad - they were not accepting cancellation, cause a door to door sales man lied to my face about giving me a free extra card, we were able to not pay that bill but since there were alterations in the contract we got subscribed for 2 more years, thing is I can claim the contract null since they don't fill their end in what regards the internet, my wife was on the phone with the guy for lots of time and then she was to upset and told me to deal with it, I am usually the calm one, but the guy wants to shove the idea of canceling the internet and keep just the TV service as the minimum, at this point I sorta snapped and started yelling at the guy about how I don't even watch TV I just have TV service cause they don't provide internet and phone without it, so I am like paying for a service I don't get + plus the service I don't use and now he wants to cancel the one I want but don't get and me to pay just for what I don't want or use... I even told the guy something like "You're lucky we are talking on the phone or you'd be picking your teeth from the floor!" after me shouting at the guy for like 30 mins they agreed to cancel the service.


20.12.2017 14:25:05 Goll:

Media Matters is extremely intolerant.


22.12.2017 20:37:43 Bakree:

I'm inclined to think Christophobia (I think you've got an extra syllable in your proposed spelling Gilette) could be as serious a problem as Islamophobia.


31.12.2017 21:51:11 Maukora:

I'm a reasonable person, TFCC. It just took you a while to realize it. ;)


03.01.2018 0:55:25 Gagal:

The secret service?


12.01.2018 5:02:00 Malashicage:

I am more on board with this than their situation.


13.01.2018 20:33:55 Daibei:

Comey DIDNT do his job.


19.01.2018 12:13:14 Mazulkis:



22.01.2018 19:30:54 Aralmaran:

game 2 was ok but refs can make some really bad calls under pressure. Same as the players with dumb plays.


31.01.2018 9:02:44 Akinosar:

A calling to arms?


02.02.2018 8:05:08 Taugami:

No, it's not forcing religious law on you. It's just practicing religion. You can view it as accepting of a person with different personality. Why do you see it as offensive?


04.02.2018 5:10:39 Kagam:

I have a question however, remember when Jesus went to the mount of olives to pray? Well, if you read the Bible, his three disciples were asleep quite a far distance and in the Bible it was written (by whom?) that his tears were running down like ..... I cannot recall right now -please read the verses- and he was praying to Yahweh or El. Ok so far so good. Now please tell me, since his disciples were ASLEEP and far away IN THE DARKNESS who the hell saw his tears and heard his prayers to write them down? And please spare me that it was the "Holy Spirit", because it seems that the Holy Spirit was drunk, reading the different and contradictory narrations of the Gospels!


06.02.2018 16:46:48 Jukree:

Okay, you seem to be talking about "consciousness" at a much more meta level than I was.


12.02.2018 0:29:25 Migami:

I?m getting really interested in looking more closely at those Greek dynamics. However, the truth is not what Christianity has made possible, in all its harrowing integrity / hypocrisy gradients. The machinations of the Corporate Executives with Fundamentalists on the one hand and passive progressives on the other, all in the face of Sustainability Science and Policy is pretty scary. After years of supporting Nader?s legacy, Greenpeace, etc., my spiritual path?s depth makes me happy to have found the nonprofit Sojourner?s slogan, "Social Justice is a Christian tradition, not a liberal agenda."


12.02.2018 21:53:10 Akinokree:

Expecting is easy, the reality is another matter.


22.02.2018 23:29:38 Magor:

If they detect a presence they bring them in for blood/urine tests.... I'm not sure what about that would make you not support legalization?


05.03.2018 1:15:37 Voodoomi:

Drugs don't need as much enforcement as we have now.


09.03.2018 10:48:30 Zuran:

I went to a catholic college. I actually had to take a semester of Latin. can't remember a lick of it though.


10.03.2018 6:41:52 Mikagul:

You are correct. Faith is given so that we CAN see THE Truth.


19.03.2018 21:36:15 Arajin:

The Mad Max Air Mover has made it's return today. I forgot it was in a box under my desk for the winter. Ahhhhhhh......


28.03.2018 19:11:19 Doramar:

This is the problem when people grasp a concept that they do not understand and try to use it to explain a theory that is inherently incorrect. As an example of this process, I will remind you of the concept of 'social darwinism'.


03.04.2018 4:57:17 Zulkijin:

90s: University, onset of panic attacks, marriage, unemployed for a few years, moved to a new city for work, and first child 1999.


09.04.2018 12:42:53 Tagis:

What fault would that be?


16.04.2018 13:15:31 Yozshushakar:

Yes, God dwells in the hearts of men in the form of His Holy Spirit, as a downpayment on the future majesty He will share with those who believe. Yes, God dwells in heaven with innumerable angels.

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