Murder in Rome

    Murder in Rome,
    a reenactment of
    the one of the
    most significant
    murder trials in
Directed by Dave Stewart, and based on
a genuine trial record, it's set in Rome
in 81BC. Sextus Roscius is accused of
murdering his father, and found guilty
he'll face an agonising death. However,
the stakes are just as high for Cicero,
the lawyer defending him. If he wins the
case, he could be killed.    
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Dick Tracy Detective  

    Dick is faced with a
    series of brutal
    murders in which the
    victims, all from
    different social and

backgrounds, are viciously slashed to
pieces. Suspects abound but Tracy,
getting a clue that there will be fifteen
murders in all, must find the common
thread among the victims before more
are killed.
Spaghetti Westerns
Life out of Balance
    Koyaanisqatsi is a
    documentary (of
    sorts). It is also a
    visual concert of
    images set to the
    haunting music of
    'Phillip Glass' . While
    there is no plot in the
    traditional sense, there
    is a definate scenario
The film opens on ancient native
American cave drawings, while the
soundtrack chants
"Koyaanisqatsi" which is a Hopi indian
term for "life out of balance". The film
uses extensive time lapse photography
(which speeds images up) and slow
motion photography to make comparisons
between different types of physical
motion. In one of the first examples, we
see cloud formations moving (sped up)
intercut with a montage of ocean waves
(slowed down) and in such a way we are
able to see the similarities of movement
between these natural forces. This
technique of comparison exists
throughout the film, and through it we
learn more about the world around us.

The film progresses from purely natural
environments to nature as affected by
man, and finally to man's own manmade
environment, devoid of nature yet still
following the patterns of natural flow as
depicted in the beginning of the film, yet in
chaos and disarray. Through this the film
conveys its key message, which is
Koyaanisqatsi: life out of balance; crazy
life; life in turmoil; life disintegrating; a
state of life that calls for another way of
Written by Andrew M. Somers
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Yellow Submarine
    Released at the
    height of the
    psychedelic pop
    culture period of the
    1960s, the movie
    Yellow Submarine
    was a box-office hit,
    drawing in crowds
    both for its lush,
    wildly creative
    images, and its
    soundtrack of
    Beatles songs. The
    original story was
    written by Lee Minoff,
    based on the song by
    John Lennon and
    Paul McCartney, and
    the screenplay
    penned by four
    including Erich Segal.
    The recurring line
    "It's all in the mind" is
    taken from The Goon
As with most motion picture musicals,
the music takes precedence over the
actual plot, and most of the story is a
series of set-pieces designed to
present Beatles music set to various
images, in a form reminiscent of Walt
Disney's Fantasia (and foreshadowing
the rise of music videos and MTV
fifteen years later). Nonetheless, the
movie still presents an entertaining
modern-day fairy tale that caters to the
ideals of the "love generation".

The dialogue is littered with puns,
double entendres, and Beatles in-
jokes, many scripted by Roger
McGough. "Blue Meanies" is
sometimes used as a slang term for
the police, although many viewers will
have missed this (see List of slang
terms for police officers). The term
"Blue Meanies" is actually a metaphor
for bad people in government and
corporate, who force their wills on
good people (Pepperlanders), and
carelessly deplete and ruin the natural
environment, resources, colour and
landscape[citation needed]. They are
carefree about their destructive ways
and will do whatever necessary to
crush those (The Beatles) who oppose
Once upon a time or maybe twice
there was an unearthly paradise called
Pepperland, 80,000 leagues under the
sea. Pepperland is inhabited by a
group of music lovers who dwell in
peace and harmony. The peace of
Pepperland is threatened by an attack
of the Blue Meanies, who hate all
music and beauty. Their attack freezes
the inhabitants of Pepperland and
destroys all of their art and natural
beauty. One inhabitant of Pepperland
is the uniformed Fred, who is named
Admiral by the Lord Mayor and sent off
in Pepperland's Yellow Submarine to
seek help in the surface world. Young
Fred, as he is called by the ancient
Lord Mayor, escapes just in time as
the mayor is Bonked by the attacking
Blue Meanies.    
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The Fast and the Furious:
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    If you have what it takes...
    You can have it ALL! If
    loyalties must be broken, If
    the lines must be crossed,
    do it fast, do it Furious
    When the sun goes down,
    Another world comes to life
The Fast & The Furious is loosely based on an
article in a magazine about street clubs that
race Japanese cars late at night. The film stars
Vin Diesel as Domenic Toretto, the leader of a
street gang that is under suspicion of stealing
expensive electronic equipment. Paul Walker
plays an undercover police officer that attempts
to find out who exactly is stealing the
equipment, while falling for Domenic's younger
sister played by Jordana Brewster.  Written by
Paul Walker and Vin Diesel star in the action-
adventure film The Fast and The Furious, a
fierce and frenzied look at rival Los Angeles
street teams who use street racing as a means
of establishing power. Written by Anonymous
The Fast and the Furious takes you inside the
thrilling world of street racing. Vin Diesel stars
as Dominic Toretto, a gang leader who is
accused of hijacking trucks and stealing over a
million dollars worth of electronic equipment.
The FBI sends LAPD officer Brian O'Conner
(Walker) undercover into Los Angeles' street
racing circuit to take down Toretto and his
team. As O'Conner becomes part of Toretto's
life and gets involved with his sister, Mia
(Brewster) he tries to prove that Toretto is
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Gulliver's Travels
     Gulliver washes ashore on
    and attempts   to prevent
    war between  that tiny
    kingdom and its equally

minuscule rival,  Blefiscu, as well as      
smooth the way for the  romance
between the Princess and Prince of the
opposing lands. In this he is alternately
aided and hampered by the Lilliputian
town crier and general fussbudget,
Gabby. A life-threatening situation
develops when the bumbling trio of
Blefiscu spies, Sneak, Snoop, and Snitch,
manage to steal Gulliver's pistol."
Animation in public domain and available
to download at Internet Archive
Steal This Movie!        2000
    Steal This Movie is an
    American biographical film
    of 1960s radical figure
    Abbie Hoffman. It was
    directed by Robert
    Greenwald and the
    screenplay was written by
    Bruce Graham. It is based
    on a number of books
    including To america with
Letters From the Underground by Anita and
Abbie Hoffman and Abbie Hoffman: American
Rebel by Marty Jezer.Five years after Yippie
founder Abbie Hoffman goes underground to
avoid a drug-related prison sentence, he
contacts a reporter to get out the story of the
FBI's covert spying, harassment and inciting
of violence they then blame on the Left. The
skeptical reporter interview's Anita, Hoffman's
wife, a single mom on welfare in New York
City; Hoffman's attorney, Gerry Lefcourt; and
others. As they talk, we see Hoffman's career
in flashbacks, from early civil rights organizing
through the trial of the Chicago Eight. While
underground, as mental illness takes its toll,
he meets Johanna Lawrenson, and an odd
family develops: Abbie, Anita, their son, and
Johanna. Will vindication ever arrive?
The film follows Abbie Hoffman's (Vincent
D'Onofrio) relationship with his second wife
Anita (Janeane Garofalo) and their awakening
and subsequent conversion to an activist life.
The title of the film is a play on Hoffman's
1970 counter-culture guidebook titled Steal
This Book.
Partition.  (2007)  
    Director:Vic Sarin
    Vic Sarin
    February 2 2007
    Genre: Drama
    Tagline: Bound By
Separated By History. more Plot Summary:
A love story played out against a backdrop
of political and religious upheaval. At the
end of the Second World War... more Plot
Synopsis:This plot synopsis is empty. Add a
synopsis Plot Keywords:Interracial
Relationship / Sikh / India / Love Story /
Muslim more Awards:2 wins & 5 nominations
more User Comments:Superb acting/very
authentic 1947  
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Danger Ahead         1935
    Lawrence Gray
    plays a reporter
    who witnesses a
    sea captain
    getting robbed
    by crooks in a
    scam after
$40,000 in silks. Paid in cash, it is a setup
to steal the money back.
After Gray takes the money from the
crooks, the chase is on by the crooks to
find the money which seems to go on a
longer voyage than the silk ship.
There is of course the captain's daughter
who caught Gray's eye in the first place as
the tacked on love interest, and Fuzzy
Knight, the friend in the delicatessen
meant for comedy relief, and who fails
miserably. You don't expect great acting in
B-movies of this sort, but this one is
particularly bad, and only Lawrence Gray
at least manages to not make you roll your
While B-movies are known to have poor
fight choreography, it is usually at least
short. This one aspires to be an action
movie, and manages to include several
fight scenes that drag on and on, even
when the crooks are holding guns that
they won't use.
The Man Who Knew Too
Much       1934
    While travelling in
    Switzerland, the child
    of a well-off couple is
    kidnapped. She is held
    to ensure that her
    father does not reveal
    what he knows about a
assassination. Since they can't talk to the
authorities, the parents plan to begin the
search for their daughter on their own.
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock.
 Leslie Banks,Edna Best, Peter
Frank Vosper,Hugh Wakefield,Nova
Pierre Fresnay      
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Refer Madness
    Ever wonder where all
    these scare stories
    about cannabis in the
    newspapers come
    from? This 1929 film
    might give you the
Marijuana War On Drugs
    The criminalization of
    marijuana in the
    United States in the
    1930s at the behest of
    the oil industry and

others threatened by hemp, and the
maintenance of the criminal status of
cannabis to this day by cryptofascist
governments, principally the United
States, profiting enormously, directly and
indirectly, from the "War on Drugs" while
callously inflicting, directly and indirectly,
major harm upon their citizens, is one of
the great contemporary crimes against
humanity. How long are we going to let
those bastards get away with this?
KungFu Hustle         
    He stands tall, looking
    ready to kick your ass.
    But Hong Kong actor
    director writer   
    producer Stephen
(Shaolin Soccer) is also just as  likely to
dance a jig and make funny faces. He's a
one-man comedy parade. In the seriously
cuckoo Kung Fu Hustle,
Chow knocks himself out to please and
also to sneak in a little social satire. Set in
China in the 1940s, the movie takes deft
notice of how the poor are exploited in Pig
Sty Alley. Chow stars as Sing, a wanna-
be gangster who's willing to step on the
underdog to impress the notorious Axe
gang, whose members hack up a rival
before doing a musical number in top
hats and tails. You get the picture. And if
you don't, join the hustle. Nothing is safe
from Chow, who spoofs the CGI tricks of
The Matrix, turns his characters into live-
action cartoons and then, miraculously,
makes it all ring true. Does the plot spin
out of control? You bet. But dumb fun this
smart is a gift.

Shaolin Soccer 1
After soccer superstar              "Golden
Leg" Fung                                (Ng Man
Tat) decides                            to take a
"dishonor"                               check to
lose an                                    important
soccer                                    match, his
career                                   goes down
the drain as the crowd rushes the field
and beats and cripples Fung for his
missed goal. Twenty years later, Fung is
a lackey for evil soccer furor, Hung
(Patrick Tse), who happens to not only
used to be the teammate Fung picked on,
but now a soccer legend and the
chairman of the National Soccer League.
Depressed and broken for his reversalof
fortune and the particular truths he finds
out about his accident, Fung walks the
streets finding reasons to live.
Fortunately, Fung stumbles upon Sing
(Stephen Chow), a martial artists trying to
find ways to bring Kung Fu into the
mainstream. Aftermuch preparation and
soul searching, Fung gathers Sing and
his Shaolin brothers together to form a
team like no other: a Kung Fu based
soccer team. While Sing trains and
battles it out Shaolin style in the soccer
ring, he attempts to woo Mei (Vicki Zhao
Wei's), a shy, charming but hideously-
looking girl who uses her Tai Chi skills to
make the damn best mantou (steamed
bread) in the world
Hitler Speaks
When Adolf Hitler                                   
bought Eva Braun a                               
movie camera, to film                             
the people and parties                           
which occurred at their Bavarian
retreat, the technology  to include
synchronized sound had not yet been
So when soldiers discovered Hitler's
private home movies, in the Berlin
bunker where the Nazi leader took his
own life, the tantalizing clips they
unearthed, featuring leading members
of the SS in a more relaxed mode,
remained silent for 60 years.
Now, leading edge lip reading software
has enabled German experts to
re-voice these films and provide us
with a chilling insight into Hitlers private
Plot Summary:                                      
Yoon-hee (To Ji-Won)                           
and Hyun-soo (Shin                               
Se-kyeong) are your                              
 ideal mother and                                   
 daughter. One's a                                 
successful plastic                                   
surgeon, while the                                 
other your dutiful, obedient, and
beautiful teenage daughter. Their
relationship is like hand in glove, so
close you'd think of them more as
siblings rather than parent-child. But
things start to go wrong (don't they
always) when Hyun-soo's friends,
whom Yoon-hee has operated on, start
to go berserk.
I Spy: A Cup of Kindness
I Spy was the tale of
two Pentagon agents
who traveled the world
on exotic adventures
in the guise of a world
-class tennis player
and his trainer.
Robert Culp
(Kelly Robinson) and Bill Cosby
(Alexander Scott) were born to play
these roles. They fit their characters
beautifully, and seemed to have an
enormous amount of fun globe-trotting
their way through the sordid world of
The Rolling Stones On
The Red Skelton Show

The Red Skelton Show, which
premiered on 30 September 1951, was
not only one of the longest running
variety series on television, but also
one of the first variety shows to make
the successful transition from radio to
television. Despite his popularity as an
entertainer in nightclubs, vaudeville,
radio and 26 feature films, Skelton was
unsure of the new medium.
Consequently, he continued his weekly
radio broadcasts while simultaneously
working on the first two season of his
television show.
StarGaze Hubble's View Of The

An awesome look at the cosmos boggles
the imagination as the Hubble Space
Telescope now in orbit around the Earth,
named after astronomer Edwin Hubble. Its
position outside the Earth's atmosphere
provides significant advantages over
ground based telescopes - images are not
blurred by the atmosphere, there is no
background light scattered from the
Miscellanies Subjects,
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Adventure Movies:
Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical
    Based on the beloved   
    Johnny Gruelle characters   
    featuring the music of    
    Sesame Street composer   

Raposo, is this 1977   feature film.  While
this  was directed by Richard Williams, he
was generally "for-hire" without much
creative involvement. While it was a
critical and financial disappointment, as
well as the animation being a bit sub-par
compared to other Williams work, it's a
very enjoyable children's movie.
Unfortunately, though this was shot in
Panavision  widescreen), no video
master exists in the original format.
Hercules is
one of the
most written
about super
hero ever to
Hunderds of
books and
movies made
Decline Of The Western
Civilization  The Metal
Years      1hr.35min.

Movie is about heavy metal music and
the culture around it. Performances by
Arosmith, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Motor
Head, Ozzie Ozbourne, Poison, Faster
Pussycat, Lizzy Borden, London, Odin,
Seduce and Megadeth.   

See spectacular scenes of the micro world
of insects with breath taking photography
put to beautiful music
By French  director
Le Peuple Del' Herbe
Mysterious Origins of Man -
Forbidden Archaeology
    humanity existed on
    our planet for much
    longer than science
    has previously
    thought? This

controversial program explores evidence
that goes against traditional historical
thought and theories surrounding our
human origins. Most Archeologists ignore
the artifacts and human fossils found in
rock millions of years old. Explore the
facts that science refuses to acknowledge.
NOVA: Curse of T. Rex
broadcast on                          
February 25,                          
1997. This                              
program follows
the trail of legal
and illegal fossil-dealing as the FBI
tries to protect the best
Tyrannosaurus rex specimen ever
found from winding up on the

of a souvenir shop
Pink Floyd Live
1. Speak To Me 2.
Breathe 3. On
The Run 4. Time
5. The Great Gig
In The Sky 6.
Money 7. Us And
Them 8. Any
Colour You  ... all
» Like 9. Brain
Damage 10.
Eclipse 11. One of
These Days 12.
Wish You Were
Here 13.
Comfortably Numb
14. Run Like Hel
    Filmed in
    Directed by
    Also Known
"Forbidden Love", and"The Monster
Show", "Nature's Mistakes",
Renfrew  of the Royal
Mounted 1937
    Renfrew Of The Royal
    Mounted sure is a
    curious movie. I mean I’
    m not too sure who
    greenlighted the
    adventures of a singing
    Mountie, but here it is,
    and while it’s
    entertaining, it sure
    makes some highly
    amusing factual errors.
    The plot is
straightforward. Counterfeiters are forging
American currency at a Canadian fishing
lodge, stuffing the bills into rainbow trout,
freezing the fish into large blocks of ice
and then smuggling them across the
border. But fear not for Sergeant Renfew
is on the case! Not only is he strong,
intelligent and courageous, but he has a
great singing voice and makes the best
BBQ sauce in the West. Watch and be
James Newill stars as Renfrew, the
dashing figure in red, while not singing
songs about Barbecue sauce (!!) he helps
out a woman who gets inadvertently
caught as bait while going to see her
father, who unbeknownst to her, is being
forced to work as a counterfeiter for them
bad Amerikans. Got all that? Good.
Actually, the plot is not too hard to follow,
and builds up some suspense along the
way, I wasn’t really convinced with Renfrew
as a gruff hero though.his is a thoroughly
enjoyable movie. It's not deep, however it
is fun. Mostly -- a mounty dies, and you do
get a scene of his kid crying.

I suspect this series is also the inspiration
for Dudley Doright, from the Bullwinkle
show. Watch for the end, where Renfrew
casually litters.  
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Hemp for Victory WW...1942
    Hemp is the world's
    strongest natural fiber.
    It has been used to
    make cloth and rope
    for over 10,000 years.
    Hemp was the first
    crop ever cultivated
    for textile
production. Hemp cloth is stronger,
longer lasting, more resistant to mildew,
and cheaper to produce than cloth made
of cotton. Hemp ropes are known for their
strength and durability. The original Levi
Strauss jeans were made from a hempen
canvas. Even Old Glory was made from
hemp fiber. A 44 gun frigate like “Old
Ironsides” took over 60 tons of hemp for
rigging, including an anchor cable 25
inches in circumference.
How High

    Two guys by the name
    of Silas and Jamal
    decided to one day
    smoke something
    magical, which
    eventually helps them
    to ace their college
entrance exam. This eventually lands
them in Harvard, where they're
surrounded by the world of Ivy Leaguers.
Although their new lifestyle is much
different from back home, they kept on
having fun until their supernatural smoke
runs out. Now, they are on their own and
they have to rely on each other to survive.
Drug enthusiast and chemical master
Silas and his friend Jamal lose their best
friend Ivory to a disturbing pot related
dread-lock fire, growing a pot plant in his
ashes they use his heavenly connections
to hook them up with all the knowledge
they need to make it to Harvard... where
they change the lives of the up-tight ivy
league in the way only good stoner's can
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The Marijuana Conspiracy
    A short Movie
    about the
    suppression of
    Marijuana since
    the earlier part
the 20th century. Marijuana, Hemp,
Weed, Ganja, Mary Jane, Reefer,
Learn the hiddin truth about why such a
law exist.  Worth watching.
US vs John Lennon
    A documentary on
    the life of John
    Lennon, with a
    focus on the time in
    his life when he
    transformed from a
    musician into an
    antiwar activist.  
he story traces John Lennon's life
from the period 1966 to 1976, where
Lennon transforms into an antiwar
activist, one in constant conflict with
the U.S. government and its views.
An Exelent film well worth watching
Watch US vs John Lennon Now
Amv Hell 3 The Movie

    Sometimes, it’s
    amazing that AMV
    had lasted for a
    while before the
    “Hell” concept
    arose. A “Hell” AMV
    consists of many
    short clips. If any
    one of these clips
    were taken to the
    full extent of the
song or trailer it was being mashed
up with, then the clip would have less
impact. But, string a bunch of shorter
clips together, and you not only have
something funny, but you also have
an information overload that seems
ideal for this ADD-addled world of

The “Hell” AMVs took the name fromt
the first: AMV Hell, a collaborative
effort from
regulars Alan Clontz (Zarxrax) and
Brian Moore (ssgwnbtd). The video
won 4 awards: 3 from anime
conventions, and 1 from the website. One
clip in particular that illustrates the
advantage of the “Hell” format? Clips
of Battle Athletes done to the
censored version of “Move, B*tch!”
by Ludacris. If done too long,
tiresome. But at around 20 seconds,

The video in turn spawned three
other sequels: the less popular AMV
Hell 2 (which focused on extreme
fanservice), the unpopular AMV Hell 0
(which is highly pornographic and
contains a lot of scatological scenes),
and … AMV Hell 3: The Motion
Picture. AMV Hell 3 is perhaps the
greatest AMV ever made. Clocking in
at over one hour and produced by 56
different participants, AMV Hell 3
contained tons of great mash-ups:
from TV clips to running-gags to
emotional mash-ups to parodies of
famous AMVs.
Watch now!

    yourself, your
    peers, your
    Participate in a
    revolution in
    science and
    human evolution.  
    Watch this film and
    in an hour know
    more than most
    NASA scientists
    about the
fundamental force that forms and
sustains the universe (summary
below). Visit: www.thunderboltsdvd.
com - to purchase the DVD and\or
Thunderbolts Of The Gods
'monograph' (book), - to view
higher resolution sequences from
the film (with stereo sound), - to
subscribe to a free newsletter that
will keep you up to date on the
latest discoveries in space and a
revolutionary new interpretation of
them. The Thunderbolts Project
calls into question not only
countless modern scientific
assumptions, but also the billions
of dollars of big-science
government and corporate funding
that continues to preserve and
entrench questionable theories -
elevating them to the status of
doctrine - while systematically
excluding legitimate alternatives
that threaten the status-quo.  
Alternatives that may represent the
future of science. The Thunderbolts
Project offers remarkably simple
explanations for 'black holes', 'dark
matter', the electric sun, comets
that are NOT made of ice, planetary
scarring and many other
'mysterious' phenomena. It
proposes that much of the currently
observable phenomena of deep
space can be intelligently explained
by already known principles of
electricity.  High school students
get it immediately.  A doctorate in
higher math is not required. This
extraordinary new theory also
redefines ancient history, linking
rock art images carved in basalt
5,000 years ago with identical
images found only in Hubble
photographs of deep space or in
photographs of recently
declassified high-energy plasma
discharge experiments generated
in a billion dollar lab. The
Thunderbolts Project invites you to
participate in this revolution, to test
and even challenge its validity, or,
if finding it rational and intriguing
enough, to contribute to its
expansion and further evolution.
Thank you, The Thunderbolts
Watch Thunderbolts of the Gods
Now Click Here
Fiat Currency: FOOLS

    This documentary
    is a collection of
    videos that is
    straight off of
    youtube. If you
    want to know why
    the dollar is
    crashing and how
    to protect
    yourself this is
    the video to
    watch if you want
    to protect your
suggest you study the history of fiat
currencies and see what happens with
them, breadlines, starvation, loss of
property, loss of wealth, and new to this
collapse RFID tagging!    
access key. A Russian computer
programmer called Natalya Siminova
survives a murder spree by Xenia
Onatopp and General
Ourumov. Bond must work with Natalya
to find this key and uncovers a sinister
His fellow agent, Alec Trevelyan who
was believed to have been shot and
killed 9 years ago re-surfaces. Bond
soon realizes that Trevelyan is behind
everything. Bond must now battle his
former friend, in order to stop him from
destroying London with the Goldeneye
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AWARDS! 10 Audience
Choice Awards including
the 2004 Sundance Film
    Provoking, witty,
    stylish and
    informative, THE
    explores the nature
    and spectacular rise
    of the
dominant institution of our time. Part
film and part movement, The
Corporation is transforming audiences
and dazzling critics with its insightful
and compelling analysis. Taking its
status as a legal "person" to the
logical conclusion, the film puts the
corporation on the psychiatrist's
couch to ask "What kind of person is
it?" The Corporation includes
interviews with 40 corporate insiders
and critics - including Noam Chomsky,
Naomi Klein, Milton Friedman, Howard
Zinn, Vandana Shiva and Michael
Moore - plus true confessions, case
studies and strategies for change.

basically another 6-hour (!)
documentary included." MovieFreak

Along with the groundbreaking 145-
minute theatrical version of the film,
the two-disc DVD has eight hours of
never-before-seen footage. In
addition to two commentary tracks,
deleted scenes, and Q's-and-A's, 165
new clips and updates are sorted "by
person" and "by topic." Get the details
you want to know on the issues you
care about. Then, check out the web
links for follow-up research and action.

THE CORPORATION is Canada's most
successful documentary... EVER!    
Warning Explicit language
A wild, freeform, Rabelaisian
trip through the darkest
recesses of Edinburgh

focusing on Mark Renton and his
attempt to give up his heroin
habit, and how the latter affects his
relationship with family and friends:
Sean Connery wannabe Sick Boy,
dimbulb Spud, psycho Begbie,
14-year-old girlfriend Diane, and
clean-cut athlete Tommy, who's
never touched drugs but can't help
being curious about them...  

A group of disaffected Scottish
youths turn to heroin to escape the
banalities of modern-day existence.
Then, they begin to suffer the
consequences and discover that
there are no easy solutions to the
inherent loneliness and pain of life
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Michael Beck in
The Warriors

These are the Armies of The Night. They
are 60,000 strong. They outnumber the
cops three to one. They could run New
York City. Tonight they're all out to get the
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Life After People  Watch Now click here!
    is a special television
    documentary film that
    premiered on Monday,
    January 21, 2008 on
    History.[1] In the
    program, scientists and
    other experts
    speculate about how
    the earth, animal life,
    and plant life might be
    like if, suddenly
    humanity no longer
    existed, as
well as the effect humanity's disappearance
would have on the artificial aspects of
civilization. Speculation is based upon
documented results of the sudden removal of
humans from a geographical area and the
possible results that would occur if humanity
discontinues its maintenance of buildings and
urban infrastructure.
The documentary features the gradual and
post-apocalyptic disintegration of urban
civilization in a time span of 10,000 years after
humanity suddenly vanished. The hypotheses
are depicted using CGI dramatizations of the
possible fate of iconic structures and
landmarks (i.e., Buckingham Palace, the
Empire State Building, the Sears Tower, the
Space Needle, the Eiffel Tower, the Golden
Gate Bridge, and the Hoover Dam).
With an audience of 5.4 million viewers, Life
After People was the most watched program
ever on History.[2] Aftermath: Population Zero,
a program with a similar premise, aired on the
National Geographic Channel in March 2008.
The program was broadcast in the United
Kingdom on Channel 4 on 26 May 2008. The
program was broadcast in Australia on
Channel Seven on 27 November 2008, edited
down to air for 90 minutes, with narration by
Australian television presenter Simon Reeve.
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Zietguiest  Part III, the
Part III, entitled Don't Mind the Men
Behind the Curtain, argues that
three wars of the United States
    during the
    were waged
    purely for
    gain by what
    the film
    refers to as
    l bankers".
Events that the film alleges to be
fraudulent or staged are the
sinking of the RMS Lusitania (a
factor in the U.S. decision to enter
World War I two years later), the
Attack on Pearl Harbor (which was
the opening attack of the Japanese
on the U.S. in World War II), and the
Gulf of Tonkin Incident (which led
to the escalation of the Vietnam

According to the film, the U.S. was
forced by the Federal Reserve
Bank to become embroiled in these
wars, not to win but to sustain
conflict, as it forces the U.S.
government to borrow money from
the bank, allegedly increasing the
profits of the international bankers.
The film gives a history of the
Federal Reserve, claiming it
engineered the Great Depression
to steal wealth from the American
population and was responsible for
the assassination of Louis
McFadden, a congressman who
attempted to impeach the Federal
Reserve Board. The film then goes
on to claim that the Federal Income
Tax is illegal.

This section also claims the
existence of a secret agreement to
merge the United States, Canada
and Mexico into a "North American
Union" and to replace the Canadian
dollar, United States dollar, and the
Mexican peso by a new currency,
called the "amero". The creation of
this North American Union is then
alleged to be a step towards the
creation of a "One World
Government", which would be
formed by the merging of the North
American Union, the European
Union, the African Union and a
hypothetical Asian Union. The film
concludes that under such a
government, every human would
be implanted with an RFID chip that
would be used to monitor
individuals and suppress dissent.
The film ends with several quotes
from Carl Sagan, Bill Hicks and
several others.

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