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That's a legitimate complaint for sure

Sucking his soul out Sloppy Toppy by Juicylips

Everywhere enemx looked however, she was met with inquiring, sometimes disapproving looks. Jack didn't mind the sound. Sometimes I just think we're getting by too easily.

Sucking his soul out Sloppy Toppy by Juicylips

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20.09.2017 18:25:48 Moogubar:

If you claim there is a secular means by which joy and hope can be found in death then the burden of proof lies on your shoulders; not mine, since you are the one making a positive claim.


28.09.2017 1:39:33 Fenrirg:

The philosophical argument for morality strikes me as quite simple: Society requires morality in order to function. We require a functioning society in order to thrive.


04.10.2017 14:06:13 Mulkree:

Church members are paying for their minister out of taxed income for a start.


06.10.2017 6:04:56 Gule:

The operative word is 'yet'.


09.10.2017 12:27:02 Kazrazragore:

again charging someone and getting a conviction are two very different things.


12.10.2017 4:38:30 Taum:

BossLady found a beautiful used sectional yesterday. Really large for her and her husband's extended family. Not at a flea market but at thrift store. Probably originally sold for $2000, she purchased it for $400. Nice one, too...


22.10.2017 23:21:50 Aragore:

Not a TBT, but damn if I don't find this video sexy. His lips. Mmmm...


28.10.2017 21:08:38 Taulkree:

The effort to bring back the Fairness Act (which picked up the nickname "Hush Rush") was from Hinchey, Durban, and Feinstein at various times, not Obama (who gets the blame for anything proposed by any Democrat). In fact, Obama stated at the time that he was not in favor of reviving the Fairness act at all.


06.11.2017 0:36:50 Jumuro:

I want to look them up on a science site. You chose to support your assertion with a right-wing kid's blog. Aren't you credible?


11.11.2017 17:48:25 Nizilkree:

Logic does not work that way, oddly enough. You define my attitude towards many Christians, in which I oppose them and wish them failure, as bigotry, while also holding that opposing and wishing the "gay agenda" failure is not also bigotry. Grow a pair and own up to the fact that Christianity is bigoted by definition -


12.11.2017 20:47:11 Jushura:

It gives them a better narrative to sell next season?


16.11.2017 8:38:16 Vikazahn:

Keep flailing greeseball loser.


17.11.2017 7:55:41 Tojalabar:

1) Does God want murder, adultery, theft and other things He has clearly commanded us to not do done?? (no answer given?)


20.11.2017 4:13:07 Gugal:

I'm quite well versed. Just I don't share your beliefs on it.


28.11.2017 14:39:31 Kidal:

My mom and I have talked about this a number of times. We both said how if we won the lottery we'd still cut coupons, go to Dollar Tree, Walmart etc. I probably wouldn't buy a huge house either.


02.12.2017 6:05:26 Brashicage:

It's nice that the propaganda master sat next to a priest. Maybe he needed the churches to get along with him.


11.12.2017 2:33:25 Fedal:

That doesn?t make them a mix or any sort of missing link. It just makes it a terapod with head similar to a croc and tail with a fin.


20.12.2017 3:57:17 Malajar:

We all pretty much agree on what's right and what's wrong. It's the loopholes, the exemptions, we quibble over.


30.12.2017 22:17:21 Faugal:

They are older. Something I've seen with older people is that health issues can sometimes cause personality changes. My mom is one of the most out-going, funny, and sweet ladies you will ever met. But when I was a teenager, her back was going bad. On days when they weather was changing or she was trying to do the stuff she used to, she would be rude to people because she was hurting.


07.01.2018 6:58:28 Kajinris:

But the difference which you aren't getting is those terrorists are following the qu'ran so what those to whom you speak conveniently ignore the fact of qu'ranic encouraged violence. I've already listed but a few.


13.01.2018 6:12:22 Vuzragore:

In my mind, they're both no good, but the thought of my husband making love to another woman just makes me stabby.


20.01.2018 0:57:03 Shaktirn:

I didn't say you shouldn't be here, I just said you were a trolling to irritate Christians.


29.01.2018 22:14:31 Volar:

"Beat"rice and Lefty?


08.02.2018 15:55:57 Shaktimi:

Agreed, it's "like a book written 2000 years ago reflects the cosmology of 2000 years ago!". But that book is intended to convey Christian truths for all times, not merely Christian truths of the first century. If one suggests that the claimed truth that Jesus "ascended into heaven" represents obsolete knowledge of cosmology, a counter claim is reasonable that the claim is fiction.


09.02.2018 10:55:46 Dikasa:

Fun fact: the Earth is ALWAYS changing. It gets cold. It gets hot. It takes a break and becomes seasonal enough for humans to exist. It goes back to being cold then hot again.


10.02.2018 9:10:01 Gardazilkree:

This is just so silly. Why do you persist in this false belief - is it because you get your views from the evening news? My mother-in-law is terrified from watching the news, but was perfectly happy to ride the NYC subways in the 70s. Her misplaced fear now is just from judging the world through the sensational filter of the evening news.


14.02.2018 5:09:08 Daimi:

No.... YOU don't get it....


24.02.2018 4:23:11 Tegrel:

The niv is a poor translation. They relied on the Aleph and B mss. 99% of the time. Those mss. disagreed with each other over 4000 x and were written in Classical Greek, not Koine. There is much more evidence to show that those are spurious and corrupted, but that is just enough to stay away from translations that used those. - shalom


27.02.2018 9:55:57 Moogubei:

to be fair, British troops did set fire to it. (retaliation for burning York)


09.03.2018 11:22:53 Vole:

It might help the few on the fence, but for his base, it won't mean a thing. Logic and facts have no place in the GOP.


12.03.2018 3:51:18 Tojagami:

Let me explain. Democracy implies that the people decide how they live. Is it difficult to understand?


17.03.2018 20:07:29 Marn:

SoS. Creationist as defined by M-W. One who supports the doctrine ( a principle of belief) or a theory ( a principle that tries to support or explain a group of facts) that a supernatural spiritual god made the physical universe.


18.03.2018 3:18:57 Mazulmaran:

So what's the difference?


22.03.2018 0:22:01 Mijind:

FIve shots of tequila.


22.03.2018 12:54:34 Yozshubar:

Why? You stated sex isn't shameful. I assume you meant that comment being you made it. So clearly you are backtracking with my examples of sex. Why?

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