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Asian girls groped on public transit

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Should I also begin flagging all of the actual name calling attacks directed at me on a daily basis around here?

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13.09.2017 2:13:07 Brashicage:

We?re taught to question EVERYTHING. You?ve obviously have never been a Catholics. Many Catholics complain about the amount of knowledge we?re required to obtain. And the only way to obtain knowledge is to question things. Plus Fides et Ratio... already covered this one. What else ya got?


17.09.2017 19:00:01 Yozshugore:

Fkcu man, you're dope's bad.


19.09.2017 17:54:51 Goltijin:

I wonder, too, how he'll prepare. Does he work on the driver and the long game? Or does his short game get the nod.


25.09.2017 16:20:40 Goltiktilar:

No, this is a straw man. Design is the natural inference for something that appears designed. The inference of intent is not based on ignorance but on the ubiquitous human familiarity with the results of intentional vs undirected events.


28.09.2017 9:02:44 Meztitaxe:

Just last night I read a news article about suicides in the US following the death of Kate Spade. ??


08.10.2017 9:03:21 Tegore:

Is this a problem?


14.10.2017 8:42:03 Maumuro:

I've listed many reasons why in the post below - On Trudeau


14.10.2017 22:40:14 Tygosida:

Your YouTube video has no explanatory value. Do you not understand what actual evidence is?


21.10.2017 10:34:20 JoJogis:

Yes, but the ending was not brought about by the influence of Christianity...


31.10.2017 5:34:11 Doukree:

LOL my claim was about Hermeneutics LOL Kenny proved my point :) Trust me! People have thought much worse of me. God bless you, look forward to your other postings.


09.11.2017 20:45:42 Voodootaxe:

They didn't even take him for Burger King before jail either


15.11.2017 20:42:01 Akinoktilar:

It's not about me. So no can do. Unless I figure out a way to make it about me.


22.11.2017 22:37:29 Kejas:

Angry beavers will probably give you a rash.


30.11.2017 7:05:32 Doukasa:

No, it's a good and proper law for PUBLIC businesses.


03.12.2017 4:17:02 Voshura:

You were disrespectful and if you continue on this path you won't be around here long. Thanks.


06.12.2017 13:23:54 Tygonos:

I know you think your answer is full of wisdom, but it's actually full of useless cliches.


07.12.2017 13:59:54 Kazrakus:

That's not what they say on news views.


11.12.2017 1:30:09 Kigara:

It's a fallacy called 'denying the antecedent'. For example:


13.12.2017 2:48:47 Vosida:

You seem to be holding to that theme.


19.12.2017 17:26:14 Mezshura:

There aren't any.


24.12.2017 14:18:46 Kazrakasa:

You'll wait until hell freezes over as I haven't a clue what you are blathering on about.


31.12.2017 5:18:21 Zulukazahn:

Wah!! Wah Wah! Cry baby! False. That is what YOU were talking about. You were saying that your comments were evidence, and they are not. Where have you been? On Pluto? I have consistently said that man cannot prove God. He is too great to be proven by mankind. There is evidence of His existence, though. You are just jealous.


07.01.2018 12:52:01 Akitilar:

I think you'll find that the gospels are full of analogies and parables actually Andy. Stop being so fundie.


09.01.2018 23:13:47 Gogar:

Your presumption that your comment displeased me is wrong. I simply endeavored to improve its accuracy. You do like accuracy, do you not? :)


18.01.2018 23:45:53 Dataxe:

Its ok buddy, we are here for you as your struggled with your homosexual desires.


21.01.2018 15:02:20 Talrajas:

I didn't say singularity has relation with atheism. I meant ignorance in science and theology is responsible of pushing people toward atheism. Singularity is nothing real but it's a state of the theory of relativity incapability. You would not have singularity if you solved the equations by the quantum theory or the theory of everything if they could derive it in the future. As I said to Primewonk, singularity is only found in relativity theory because it couldn't work before the Planck time [10*-43 seconds] or any other tiny measurements but that doesn't mean, there is no zero time. This is the job of other laws which is the Quantum mechanics because it could deal with very small measures in physics and when they find evidence, they could know what happened between the zero second and the Planck time where the singularity exists.


22.01.2018 19:06:35 Gardashakar:

Not the Canadian government: the law societies of Ontario and British Columbia.


01.02.2018 5:53:58 Kigalmaran:

Sure. Put on an Obama or HRC shirt and walk through a town fair in bumble**** USA and see how that goes.


10.02.2018 18:30:41 Douran:

works for enemas also


17.02.2018 10:22:07 Akicage:

Son, you lie a lot, but claiming slaves are not slaves is a damned bold one even for you


22.02.2018 11:21:52 Voodoogal:

It is cowardice that stops one from seeing a dissenting perspective, not prudence.


02.03.2018 5:26:29 Duktilar:

Not in my general vicinity.


08.03.2018 14:34:53 Vudolar:

The US has always been a "my way or the highway" type of country. I don't think the international pressure will do much if anything. Especially considering who our President is.

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