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Stories of anal penetration

Stories of anal penetration

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I think the decision is inappropriate - punishment should be reserved for those who did something wrong; not those who may have done something wrong.

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07.10.2017 17:01:37 Mezticage:

Did it make a difference in practice?


16.10.2017 0:15:33 Vilar:

I would generally agree with Schweitzer?s conclusions. I would not be in agreement with the notion which even my colleagues at the Jesus Seminar find as you put it: ?? a core of facts we can know about Jesus to which each possible historical reconstruction of him must be accountable.?? As each passing generation of scholars those acknowledged set of core facts have been receding as the criteria for historical reliability has been refined. I'm certainly not unique in questionning the efficacy of such criteria. See the following publications:


25.10.2017 4:27:42 Felabar:

And..., yet another straw man burns!


31.10.2017 8:22:53 Samuzahn:

Uhh-huh. The situation is the bureaucracy.


01.11.2017 9:07:55 Mazugami:

NO, sorry, YOU cannot tell me what I believe.


09.11.2017 16:06:11 Vudonris:

It's been the best reality we can describe for decades now: electrons are both waves and particles, but not both simultaneouly: it depends on which you are trying to observe for.


20.11.2017 2:43:01 Grole:

It was removed.


22.11.2017 5:26:51 Malakus:

is there such a thing?


24.11.2017 18:44:00 Mezticage:

I remember rotary phones, home milk delivery, corner store with penny candy. I remember when neighborhoods were a great place to grow up and everyone looked out for each other. Boy am I old.


05.12.2017 4:52:25 Mooguk:

Haha, none necessary. Diamonds are forever, though.


06.12.2017 6:35:42 Zukora:

You are a double talking coward.


07.12.2017 11:46:08 Zujas:

That's not really my picture,just fyi.


10.12.2017 15:29:41 Morg:

That's what happens when you run around with your head shoved up your ass...and you are losing....election after election. Common sense seems to be coming back to Canadians


14.12.2017 17:45:30 Aralmaran:

Gretchen. Maxine is your champion. Please let her know that she needs to keep up her tirades...


24.12.2017 10:24:36 Nikoktilar:

You know I'm not talking about only "we", but even though the percentage of forming your puddle is nothing compared with the life evolving on this planet.


28.12.2017 13:16:38 Yozshukora:

Yes, of course "Christophobia" exists, where opponents treat Christians as if they are some new toxic invasive species, without giving a thought to the fact that Christianity until quite recently was the socioreligious backbone of the US and the West.


31.12.2017 21:12:51 JoJojin:

Ever heard of type 1 diabetes? Nothing to do with eating too much.


03.01.2018 17:14:22 JoJokazahn:

That's why you hate Catholics and lie about them not being Christians. Explains a lot.


09.01.2018 19:43:51 Migrel:

i don't know about the 2nd part.


20.01.2018 11:27:10 Kajigore:

Glad you asked. Here's the other Jesus story taken mostly from the synoptics. Jesus was the illegitimate son of a teenage Mary and his father unknown since Mark 6:3 describes Jesus as "son of Mary," not "son of Joseph." In fact Joseph is never mentioned in Mark. Jesus wasn?t the Messiah given (Luke 1:32) ?the throne of his father David? because Jesus never sat or David?s throne or had a human father which was essential in patrilineal Judaism. Mary?s genealogy?s irrelevant.


25.01.2018 23:44:30 Tosar:

If the gay person TRULY repents of his sins he/she will not go about stating that he /she is a gay Christian. This goes for all sins ..... I have never met a person who says that he/she is a fornicating or adulterous Christian! He/she will be ashamed of those sins.


05.02.2018 7:43:57 Yozshull:

You were speaking of SC ruling.They aren't the same, Marriage fo gays


14.02.2018 2:20:10 Zulkibar:

Not saying Uber is great to work for, but the whole process has been made much more streamlined and efficient. We can't hold on to less efficient mechanisms, just because it may affect a lot of workers.


24.02.2018 4:22:45 Tahn:

And she looks remarkably Caucasian.


01.03.2018 10:12:36 Kajira:

Atheism has played a part and the political ideologies that the majority of atheists adhere to in Europe also plays a part to deny that is sheer ignorance. But lets not talk about that...lets talk about Christianity XD


09.03.2018 3:44:53 Grozuru:

Why even respond?


17.03.2018 19:58:39 Fezilkree:

now you've gone too far


27.03.2018 12:47:51 Mabar:

Hold your horses there, old bean.


28.03.2018 10:45:13 Zulkigrel:

I?m creeped out and annoyed that fb is showing advertisements for bowflex trainer when I?ve just purchased one.


29.03.2018 11:09:00 Sall:

I can say with absolute confidence that I do not have sin. Others will judge me - Christians, even, those who are admonished not to judge - but I don't give a hoot of others' opinion of me. Becoming a moral nihilist was a wonderful step forward for me.


01.04.2018 1:22:41 Mazukus:

I?m not really interested in hearing your memories with him. Sorry.


10.04.2018 20:23:40 Yoll:

Here's them all.


16.04.2018 13:32:14 Nezilkree:



23.04.2018 5:50:29 Jujar:

That does not apply because evangelicals tend to get reborn as adults. In the past, they were without Jesus, sinners, whatever. And society discourages religious faith.

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